COVID-19 Protocols

Because of the Coronavirus we have initiated some changes for the 2021 filing season for your 2020 Income Tax Returns. 

For those customers that normally drop off your tax documents or send them by postal service, emails, or fax, there is very little change. You can continue to send the information any way that you have. You also may drop off your papers at our office inside or place them in an envelope or folder and put them in the locked box on the back of the building. The box is on the right side of the employee entrance on the back of the building. 

Due to the Pandemic, we are not scheduling appointments for sit down meetings to prepare 2020 Individual Income Tax returns in 2021. If you typically schedule an appointment to prepare your tax return in person we apologize for any inconvenience. We assure the same care will be given to your tax preparation as if you were here in person. You will need to send in your tax documents or drop them off here at the office. We will call if it appears anything is missing, or we see anything that needs some clarification or additional information. If you prefer, we can call to discuss the outcome of the tax return. 

​Otherwise, upon the completion of the tax return our office will call or email you to explain the final steps to process the return to the appropriate government agencies. 

Stimulus Check Rebates

Please provide the amount of the two stimulus rebates that you received. The amounts are not taxable, but are reportable. The rebates were distributed as an Advance Credit on your 2020 tax return, to be reconciled (reported) on the 2020 tax return.